Bedroom space

If you have lived in an apartment for a while you know that maximizing space is important for comfortable living. Each apartment only has a finite amount of space, and unfortunately, some items are only needed part of the time. You may need extra blankets on the bed in winter, but they still need to be stored in summer. These are some ideas that can help you maximize your bedroom space while still having everything you need.

Get a Mattress Topper

No one enjoy mattress shopping. There are so many options and picking the right one can be tricky even before delivery. Maybe you already had enough trouble getting your mattress in the door when you moved in. There is a solution, however: get a memory foam mattress topper. This is a great way to find the right mix of firmness and softness without breaking the bank. It takes up less room than a thicker mattress on a traditional box spring as well. It can even help in the winter, as some mattress pads can be plugged in and heated, helping you save storage space on extra blankets.

Seek Storage Solutions

A great place to look for storage solutions is a place like IKEA, which has plenty of idea on how to maximize space when it is limited. Don’t have an IKEA near you? Stores like Target, Wal-Mart, and others have plenty of storage bins and do-it-yourself cabinets that can help you keep things stashed away, but still at the ready when you need them.

Don’t Forget the Décor

Manage storage solutions can also be functional as décor. A book shelf offers practical storage, but also acts as shelving for your personal effects and shows off your own personal tastes in books. It is also important to make sure the room doesn’t remind you of your daily stressors. The important thing is to make sure it is your own, personal bedroom space.

The key is to be creative. A simple chest at the foot of your bed can double as both storage space and be decorated to make your place your own. With a little imagination you can maximize every square foot of your apartment and truly make it yours.