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Finding a Pet Friendly Apartment

When you move you want to find an apartment for your entire family. This includes the furry members of your family, so finding a pet friendly apartment is key. . While some apartments will not allow pets because of liability concerns, other will welcome pets as long as you abide the guidelines. This can include an extra pet deposit fee on top of your rental deposit, an extra fee on your monthly rent, or more. Some complexes may also limit you to only a dog or a cat, so finding a place that will accept your emu could be difficult. With some advice, however, you can find a pet friendly apartment that will make everyone in your family happy.

What Amenities to Look For

How pampered is your pet? If you’re looking for a place to
live and only a place to live many apartments are happy to accept pets. Others have
amenities that can be specific drawing perks to pet owners. Many newer
complexes not only accept pets, they will have dog parks, in-home groomers, and
more. They view the dog park as part of the community so residents can connect
with other residents, and this includes the dogs. In some larger cities they
may even have access to veterinarians and more.

Know Where Your Pet Can Go

While some apartments and buildings will allow pets, they
don’t mean to allow blanket access to all parts of the building. There may be
other businesses within the building that are not as pet friendly. While they
are fine with you having your pet in the apartment unit itself and some of the
hallways it is unlikely they will be welcome in community areas or the gym.
You’ll also want to check and see what pet-friendly amenities are nearby. This
includes a vet, grooming, and pet supplies.

Find the Right Apartment

Your apartment itself can be pet friendly, but some
apartments work better for poets than others. For example; if you have a pet
that sheds an apartment with tile or laminate floors will be easier to clean
than one with carpet. Having a unit on the ground floor is easier for dog
owners so they can go outside easier.

Check Your Lease

Finally, if you have a pet in your apartment you will need
to learn the terms of your lease and how they relate to your pet. Some
communities will have a weight or breed restriction on dogs. Most will have a
pet deposit that is separate from the regular damage deposit. You might even
have to pay a small fee each month on top of your regular rent. If you follow
all of these steps, however, you can find the perfect apartment for you and
your pet.

Alternative Pets

Alternative Pets for Apartment Living

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4 Tips for Cleaning Pet Hair from Carpeting

4 Tips for Cleaning Pet Hair from Carpeting

It’s the one thing that annoys pet owners the most: the fur that spreads on every piece of furniture, every inch of carpet, like a disease. Some people refrain from wearing dark clothes in general because their pet’s fur somehow lingers on clothing surfaces despite multiple tumbles in the dryer. What are pet owners to do? Luckily, these four easy tips can help you both prevent and clean pet hair, no matter your carpet.

Vacuuming is a given. Although you should at least vacuum your carpet three times a week to remove most pet hair, Home Guides provides a useful technique for gathering up all the hair into clumps, like leaves. To make vacuuming easier, they suggest, “raking your carpet with a rubber-bristled carpet rake collects the pet hair in clumps, so you can remove the hair by hand before vacuuming.” RugCare.com adds another step to this process: if you powder baking soda over your carpet before you vacuum, it can help loosen up the fur, making the cleaning process much easier.

Similarly, News Press Now explains that some pet owners purchase pet beds for the sole purpose of limiting pet fur to a certain section of the apartment. If you get your pet a large enough bed, or a flat pillow, all you’ll have to do is take it outside every once in a while and shake it out to prevent pet hair from spreading all over the carpet and furniture. Rugs can also act as a catch-all for pet fur. Carpet Keepers Inc points to this role when they write that if you place a rug along your pet’s high-traffic area, it can both catch whatever dirt is on its paws and also the fur that falls off it when it moves.

Just remember, rubbery tools like rubber rakes and gloves can help you collect pet fur from the carpet, and catch-alls like beds and rugs can help prevent fur from spreading. Although there are no perfect solutions to cleaning pet hair from carpeting, these four tips will make pet shedding somewhat beside the point, and the pet hair a little less annoying.